Message to Members …

The formatting of all of the PDF documents on this website has been updated as follows:

All of the PDF documents on this website have been re-converted into PDFs using a different PDF converter (namely the PDF converter within Microsoft Word 2010).  The main differences between these replacement PDF documents and the previous PDF documents are as follows:

  • The hyperlinks within several documents should now work better.  For example, within the consolidated versions of legislation, the hyperlinks in the introduction sections are now better aligned, and the hyperlinks inside the "comments" boxes (on the right-hand side of the pages) now work properly.
  • The pages of all of the documents should now scroll better.  For example, when you scroll from one page to another, it will now scroll continuously (rather than jumping), and the speed that the pages scroll (e.g. when using the scroll wheel on the mouse) has been improved.

Hopefully you will find all of these replacement PDF documents easier-to-use than the previous PDF documents.  However, if you experience any issues with the replacement PDF documents, please let me know.