“Consolidated Legislation” – 1 new Statutory Instrument …

The Consolidated Legislation section of this website has been updated as follows:

The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995:

The following new Statutory Instrument has been incorporated into the GPDO 1995 (Consolidated) document:

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The above SI amends the GPDO 1995 (Consolidated) as follows:

  • From 06/04/2012: Part 6 (Agricultural Buildings and Operations) and Part 7 (Forestry Buildings and Operations) have been amended to clarify that permitted development rights apply to buildings on agricultural or forestry land to house microgeneration equipment.
  • From 06/04/2012: In Part 40 (Installation of Domestic Microgeneration Equipment) the definition of "MSC Planning Standards" has been amended [although the wording of the amendment Order appears to contain an error].
  • From 06/04/2012: A new Part 43 (Installation of Non-Domestic Microgeneration Equipment) has been introduced, which introduces permitted development rights for the installation of microgeneration equipment on or within the curtilage of buildings other than dwellinghouses or blocks of flats.