Message to Members

Over the last few weeks, a significant amount of work has been put into improving the "Reference Section" of the "GPDO Part 1 (All Classes) - LDC Appeal Decisions" document.  The main changes are as follows:

  • There are now much better links between the "Reference Section" and the "Appeal Decision Summaries" section.  For example, after every conclusion in the latter section, there's now a clickable link to the relevant topic within the former section.
  • New topics have been added to the "Reference Section" - e.g. "Dwellinghouse", "Accuracy of the submitted information", etc.  Furthermore, every conclusion within the document has been re-checked to make sure it's in the most relevant topic.
  • Many of the conclusions have been reworded to improve their readability and consistency.  For example, some very similar conclusions have been merged, whilst other relatively long conclusions have been split.  There's now much more consistency throughout the document in terms of how different conclusions have been worded.

Hopefully, you should find that the above changes have made the "Reference Section" of this document more useable.  As always, if you need to look up a conclusion about a particular issue (e.g. "volume"), then the best place to start is the topic for the relevant limitation (e.g. "B.1(c)") within the "Reference Section".