“Other Legislation” – all legislation checked for updates (April 2013) …

The following pieces of planning secondary legislation in the Other Legislation section of this website have been checked for updates, and no updates were found:

  • Appeals/Inquiries Regulations/Rules, etc.
  • CIL Regulations 2010.
  • Compensation Regulations 2012.
  • EIA Regulations 2011.
  • Enforcement Regulations/Rules 2002.
  • General Regulations 1992.
  • Infrastructure Planning Regulations/Rules, etc.
  • Local Planning Regulations 2012.
  • Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012.

For info, at the start of every month a comprehensive set of checks is undertaken for all of the planning secondary legislation in the "Other Legislation" section of this website, to identify whether any amendment Statutory Instruments (SIs) have been published.