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The Other Legislation section of this website has been updated as follows:

The Neighbourhood Planning (Referendums) Regulations 2012:

The following new Statutory Instrument has been added to the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 page:

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The above SI amends The Neighbourhood Planning (Referendums) Regulations 2012 as follows:

  • Business Referendums: With effect from 06/04/2013, various provisions relating to "business referendums" have been inserted into the legislation.  These include provisions relating to definitions (i.e. "business referendum" versus "residential referendum"), the information to be made available, referendum expenses, the rules for the business voting register, and the rules for the conduct of business referendums.
  • High Court: With effect from 06/04/2013, references to the "High Court" have been inserted into the sections relating to "Orders for production of documents".