“GPDO Part 1 Class A (Larger Rear Extensions) – Background Information” – updated to include additional information …

The "GPDO Part 1 Class A (Larger Rear Extensions) - Background Information" page has been updated to include the following additional information:

  • Latest: The below issues are currently due to return to the House of Lords on 22/04/2013 for further debate.
  • 19/04/2013: Letter from Eric Pickles to MPs - On 19/04/2013, Eric Pickles wrote a letter to MPs setting out the revised version of the proposed changes to Part 1 of the GPDO.  According to this letter:
    "- Homeowners wishing to build extensions under the new powers would notify their local council with the details.
    - The council would then inform the adjoining neighbours – this already happens for planning applications.
    - If no objections are made to the council by the neighbours within a set period, the development can proceed.
    - If objections are raised by neighbours, the council will consider whether the development would have an unacceptable impact on neighbours’ amenity.
    - This is a form of ‘prior approval’ process which allows for consideration by ward councillors, and (if the council wishes) by a Planning Committee.
    - There will be no fee for householders to go through this process." (pdf) (link).
  • 19/04/2013: BBC - Eric Pickles amends home extension plans (link).
  • 18/04/2013: BBCDefeat possible on home extension plan, warns MP (link).