“GPDO Part 1 Class A (Larger Rear Extensions) – Background Information” – updated to include additional information …

The "GPDO Part 1 Class A (Larger Rear Extensions) - Background Information" page has been updated to include the following additional information:

  • 22/04/2013: House of Lords, consideration of the disagreement by the House of Commons ("Ping Pong") - On 22/04/2013, the House of Lords decided to remove their previous amendment to the Growth and Infrastructure Bill, and to accept a replacement amendment proposed by Baroness Hanham (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government).  This replacement amendment to the Bill would insert a new clause that would amend the TCPA 1990 to allow Part 1 of the GPDO to include circumstances in which the owner would need to submit a prior approval application to the local authority.  The amendment specifies that the submitted information would need to include "a written description, and a plan, of the proposed development", that the local authority would serve notice "on the owner or occupier of any adjoining premises", and that if one of these owners or occupiers objects then the planning permission granted by the GPDO will apply "only if the local planning authority consider that it would not have an unacceptable impact on the amenity of adjoining premises" (link).
  • 22/04/2013: Letter from the Chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee to Eric Pickles about the revised version of the proposed changes to Part 1 of the GPDO (pdf) (link to letter) (link to press release).
  • 22/04/2013: BBCPeers back revised home extension plan (link).