“GPDO Part 1 Class A (Larger Rear Extensions) – Guide” – additional information added (27/05/2013)

The following information has been added to the "GPDO Part 1 Class A (Larger Rear Extensions) - Guide" document:

  • Information about some relatively minor amendments to the “MAIN” document since 19/05/2013.
  • An examination of 3 different approaches to "Issue 1c" - i.e. whether the LPA should assess the proposed development only against condition A.4, or against all of the limitations and conditions of Part 1 Class A.
  • Information about 6 appeal decisions relating to Part 6 Class A of the GPDO, which provide an indication of what interpretation and approach would be appropriate for Part 1 Class A of the GPDO.
  • Information about an additional informative, relating to the condition about materials, that some LPAs may want to add to two of the templates.