The Planning Portal has introduced a form for the new process under Part 3 Class J of the GPDO …

The Planning Portal has introduced the following form for the new notification and prior approval process under Part 3 Class J of the GPDO:

  • Notification of a Proposed Change of Use to Dwelling(s) (pdf) (link).

The following should be noted:

  • The Planning Portal has stated that there are no "Guidance Notes" for the above form.
  • The submission of a form for this process is optional, as the legislation does not require that the developer submits a form.
  • In my opinion, LPAs will have to be very careful about concluding that the information provided by the developer does not constitute a notification in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. For example, if the developer doesn't complete the whole of section 4 or section 6 of the above form, then the LPA must not automatically deem the notification to be "invalid" on this basis.
  • A link to this information has been added to the "GPDO Other Parts - Summary of Amendments since 2013" page of this website.