“GPDO Part 1 Class A (Larger Rear Extensions) – Guide” – now split into a “FREE VERSION” and a “FULL VERSION” …

The previous "Guide and templates ..." document has now been split into two separate documents, the first of which is accessible by anyone, and the second of which is only accessible by members.  Both documents are available on the following page of this website:

The differences between the two documents are as follows:

  • The free version provides a basic guide (12 pages), including a flowchart, a summary, and the requirements of the legislation.
  • The full version provides a detailed guide (47 pages), including all of the above PLUS analysis, appeal decisions, case law, and templates.

As stated on the front page of the free version, you are welcome to distribute the free version in its original form.  For example, you are welcome to forward the free version to non-members, or to host it on your own website, so long as it's kept in its original form (i.e. without removing the reference to "Planning Jungle Limited", etc).

Please note that all updates since the "Guide and templates ..." document was first published on 19/05/2013 have now been incorporated into the above full version, rather than being published within a separate "UPDATES" document.  Similarly, all future updates will also be incorporated into the above full version.