Planning Summer School (Leeds 2013) – Notes about Lord Taylor’s address …

The "Planning Summer School" was held at Leeds University from 6th-9th September 2013.  A member of the Planning Jungle website has submitted the following notes (as shown below in italics) that provide a summary of Lord Taylor's address to the Planning Summer School:


  • "On 6 September 2013 Lord Taylor of Goss Moor addressed the Planning Summer School at Leeds University.
  • Under the title of "The Challenge of Implementing the NPPF – a Numbers Game?", he reminded the audience that, as an addition to the NPPF, the sister document "National Planning Practice Guidance" is now out to consultation online until 9 October 2013. He urged all to make their views known.
  • Lord Taylor reviewed the current housing crisis and the critical role to be played by planning in resolving it. His view is that planning is about making places not preserving them wholesale. This is the planning problem.
  • The NPPF is intended to square the political problem of existing communities rejecting further housing provision. It provides clear succinct planning policy so that planning becomes a place shaping and not a rationing process.
  • The key to finding solutions to growing housing needs is the Local Plan. The implementation of these plans should be simpler with the focussed advice of the National Planning Practice Guidance replacing 6,000 pages of ad hoc advice dating back to 1963. And planning must look at housing market signals and justify under provision in a plan.
  • And do so in the context of the duty to cooperate which has its own section in the new draft guidance. Plans completed before the duty to cooperate carried full weight will need an early review to remain robust.
  • The test of delivering housing development through the vehicle of the NPPF and local plans is approaching as does the 2015 election. Whether or not the political will for planned housing provision is sustained or influenced by political considerations, the need will remain and grow.
  • There is another route to simply growing towns with all the angst this can bring; a less politically toxic solution. Build new towns, eco towns, garden cities call them what you will. New settlements can provide new communities with the least impact and provide new housing in sufficient quantity in a sustainable manner."


Further information about Planning Summer School is available via the following:

The next Planning Summer School will be at Bath in 2014.