“Permitted Development (Basements) Bill 2013-14” …

On 12/11/2013, the following Private Member's Bill had its first reading in the House of Commons:

  • Title: "Permitted Development (Basements) Bill 2013-14".
  • Summary: "A Bill to regulate the construction of new basements and extensions to basements; and for connected purposes".
  • Link to the main page for this Bill on the Parliament website: (link).
  • Link to the transcript for the first reading of this Bill in the House of Commons: (link).


  • As stated by the Parliament website (link), only a minority of Private Members' Bills actually become law.
  • The second reading for the above Bill is currently scheduled for 28/02/2014.
  • The text for the above Bill does not appear to be available yet, and it should be noted that Private Member's Bills are often not printed until close to their second reading.

As such, it's difficult to know what might be proposed by the above Bill, and whether it's likely to become law.  The title of the above Bill indicates that it would amend Part 1 of the GPDO, and further indications as to what might be proposed by the above Bill are provided by the following extract from its first reading:

"The fact is that only a change in the law can help local councils do what they want to do to protect their residents. They need - our urban neighbourhoods and their residents need - statutory protection to underpin policies that would, for example, limit excavations to one storey and ensure that they are not built under listed buildings, that they do not take up more than 50% of gardens, that traffic management plans are in place, that the amount of space that is taken up is reduced from the current 85%, that they require the compulsory installation of pumps to prevent flooding from sewers, and much more."