The previous “Part 1 of the GPDO – Appeal Decision Summaries” document has now been split into two separate documents …

The previous "Part 1 of the GPDO - Appeal Decision Summaries" document (674 appeals) has now been split into the following two separate documents:

The above "GENERAL" document will continue to be updated on a weekly basis.

The above "PRIOR APPROVAL" document, which now contains 100 appeals, will no longer be regularly updated.  This is because it's considered unlikely that significantly more could be learnt about the householder prior approval process (i.e. Part 1 Class A condition A.4) that hasn't already been learnt from these 100 appeals.

Please note that the following improvements have now been made to the above "PRIOR APPROVAL" document:

  • The “Reference Section” within the above "PRIOR APPROVAL" document has now been re-organised into a number of separate topics, which should make it easier for members to find conclusions about a specific issue.  As before, this "Reference Section" shows the conclusions for all 100 appeals, and indicates how many appeals have supported and contradicted each particular conclusion.
  • The above "PRIOR APPROVAL" document now contains a link to an "EXCEL DOCUMENT" that can be sorted via different columns, which should make it easier for members to compare appeals.

In addition, to view STATISTICS for the 100 appeals within the above "PRIOR APPROVAL" document, please view this post.