“GPDO Part 1 Class E (Incidental Requirement) – LDC Appeal Decisions” – 12 additional appeal decisions (total = 149) …

The "GPDO Part 1 Class E (Incidental Requirement) - LDC Appeal Decisions" document has been updated to include 12 additional appeal decisions relating to the "incidental" requirement of Part 1 Class E, for which the conclusions (short version) are as follows:

April 2015 - Code b00149 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 27m2) containing storage / gym / home office (25m2), and toilet (2m2).

April 2015 - Code b00148 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 74m2) containing garage (34m2), games room (25m2), store room (10m2), and toilet (4m2).

April 2015 - Code b00147 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 76m2) erected between Oct 2011 and May 2012 and initially used for incidental purposes, and then subsequently converted in Nov 2013 and used for primarily residential purposes.
  • NOTE: The Inspector concluded that the INITIAL building was NOT permitted development (i.e. on the basis that the initial building was not GENUINELY required for incidental purposes, as shown by the subsequent conversion approx 18 months later).

April 2015 - Code b00146 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 155m2) containing plant growing areas (78m2), playroom (30m2), study (30m2), and tool store (17m2).

April 2015 - Code b00145 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 313m2) containing gym + changing room + sauna (313m2).

April 2015 - Code b00144 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 399m2) containing "cinema & digital storage" + "film store" + "movie collectables" (399m2).

April 2015 - Code b00143 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 35m2) containing store / gym (32m2) and toilet (3m2).

April 2015 - Code b00142 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 65m2) containing gym and "children's room".

April 2015 - Code b00141 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 57m2) containing garage (42m2) and gym (15m2).

March 2015 - Code b00140 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 108m2) containing garden room (51m2), store room (35m2), unlabelled room (7m2), porch (6m2), and toilet (6m2).

March 2015 - Code b00139 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 48m2) containing gym (27m2), and store rooms (20m2).

February 2015 - Code b00138 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 106m2) containing playroom (31m2), store rooms (29m2), laundry / store room (18m2), and gym (18m2).