New Legislation – relating to onshore wind generating stations (05/03/2016) …

The following 1 new Statutory Instrument (SI) came into force on 05/03/2016:

New Legislation:

  • March 2016: SI 2016 No. 306 - The Infrastructure Planning (Onshore Wind Generating Stations) Order 2016 (pdf) (link).


  • The above SI is not summarised on the Planning Jungle website.
  • The "Explanatory Note" at the end of the above SI states the following:
    - "This Order amends the Planning Act 2008 (c. 29) (the “Act”) such that no onshore generating stations which generate electricity from wind are to be consented under the regime specified in the Act [i.e. the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) regime], unless a specific saving provided for in this Order applies to the particular application for “development consent” made under the Act.".

Other Sources of Information:

  • July 2015: Impact Assessment for SI 2016 No. 306 (pdf) (link).
  • January 2016: Government guidance - Consents and planning applications for national energy infrastructure projects (link).
  • March 2016: Explanatory Memorandum to SI 2016 No. 306 (pdf) (link).

Updates to the Planning Jungle website: