“GPDO Part 1 Class E (Incidental Requirement) – LDC Appeal Decisions” – 13 additional appeal decisions (total = 184) …

The "GPDO Part 1 Class E (Incidental Requirement) - LDC Appeal Decisions" document has been updated to include 13 additional appeal decisions relating to the "incidental" requirement of Part 1 Class E, for which the conclusions (short version) are as follows:

May 2016 - Code b00184 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 60m2) containing games room ("snooker room") (31m2), gym + wet room (20m2), and store room (4m2).

May 2016 - Code b00183 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 87m2) containing "family room" (including gym area and cinema area) (57m2), "boot room" (16m2), and store room (4m2).

May 2016 - Code b00182 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 138m2) containing home office (19m2), and gym + jacuzzi + sauna + steam room + changing room + wet room + WC + plant room (119m2).

May 2016 - Code b00181 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 115m2) containing garage area / gym area / games area / storage area (115m2).

May 2016 - Code b00180 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 35m2) containing store room / playroom (35m2).

April 2016 - Code b00179 (NOT incidental):

  • "Outbuilding 1 (total area 146m2) containing garage (51m2), and tractor store + workshop (90m2).
  • Outbuilding 2 (total area 312m2) containing gym + sauna + changing room (with shower and WC) (157m2), cinema room + film library + WCs (151m2).
  • Outbuilding 3 (total area 343m2) containing games room + bowling alley + "snooker, pool & table tennis room" + store + WC (343m2).
  • Outbuilding 4 (total area 586m2) containing swimming pool + jacuzzi + changing rooms + WCs (586m2)."

April 2016 - Code b00178 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 185m2) containing store room (79m2), garden room (57m2), and gym (with shower and WC) (49m2).

April 2016 - Code b00177 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 67m2) containing garage (67m2) to be shared by two properties (i.e. the application site and a neighbouring property).

April 2016 - Code b00176 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 30m2) containing gym + shower room (with WC) (30m2).

March 2016 - Code b00175 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 282m2) containing swimming pool + jacuzzi + steam room + changing room (with shower and WC) + plant room + boiler room (164m2), cinema room (52m2), and gym (51m2).

March 2016 - Code b00174 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 156m2) containing garage (44m2), gym (39m2), games room (31m2), store room (11m2), and shower room (with WC) (5m2).

March 2016 - Code b00173 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 146m2) containing gym (61m2), sun lounge (30m2), home office (30m2), and storage room (5m2).

March 2016 - Code b00172 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 198m2) containing garage (67m2), games room (57m2), and gym (50m2).