NEW DOCUMENT: “DMPO 2015 (Consolidated)” …

This document provides a consolidated version of "The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015" (i.e. the "DMPO 2015"), and is available on the "DMPO 2015 (Consolidated)" page of this website.


  • The above document currently incorporates the following 2 Statutory Instruments (SIs):
    - SI 2015 No. 595 (pdf) (link), which came into force on 15/04/2015.
    - SI 2016 No. 873 (pdf) (link), which comes into force on 01/10/2016.
  • The above document is only accessible by members of the Planning Jungle website. As such, please do not distribute this document (either with or without alterations) to anyone outside of your organisation.
  • The difficulty with producing the above document is that when you view the original legislation (i.e. SI 2015 No. 595) on the government website (link), the final 25 pages (i.e. all of the Schedules) have been produced as a series of scanned images, rather than as (normal) selectable text. In other words, the government has produced the Schedules (including all of the templates for LPAs) in a format that's very difficult to copy (i.e. it requires either OCR software, which can be unreliable, or typing out by hand). Within the "DMPO 2015 (Consolidated)" document on this website, all of these Schedules have now been re-produced as (normal) selectable text.