New Legislation – relating to ionising radiation, including consequential amendments to infrastructure planning regulations (01/01/2018) …

The following 1 new Statutory Instrument (SI) came into force on 01/01/2018:

New Legislation:

  • January 2018: SI 2017 No. 1075 - The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (pdf) (link).


  • Regulation 42 and Schedule 9 paragraph 15 of the above SI 2017 No. 1075 make consequential amendments to the following SI:
    - The Infrastructure Planning (Interested Parties and Miscellaneous Prescribed Provisions) Regulations 2015.
  • The "Explanatory Note" (link) at the end of the above SI includes the following information:
    - "The Regulations impose duties on employers to protect employees and other persons against ionising radiation arising from work with radioactive substances and other sources of ionising radiation. The regulations also impose certain duties on employees.".
    - "The Regulations make consequential and other modifications to the enactments specified in Schedule 9".

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