“GPDO Part 1 Class E (Incidental Requirement) – LDC Appeal Decisions” – 10 additional appeal decisions (total = 263) …

The "GPDO Part 1 Class E (Incidental Requirement) - LDC Appeal Decisions" document has been updated to include 10 additional appeal decisions relating to the "incidental" requirement of Part 1 Class E, for which the conclusions (short version) are as follows:

January 2018 - Code b00263 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 55m2) containing gym (35m2), 2 x store rooms (9m2), and WC (5m2).

January 2018 - Code b00262 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding 1 (total area 408m2) containing indoor bowling green (408m2).
  • Outbuilding 2 (total area 173m2) containing gym (173m2).

January 2018 - Code b00261 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 58m2) containing garage, and store room.

January 2018 - Code b00260 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 116m2) containing playroom, study, gym, store room, and shower (with WC).

January 2018 - Code b00259 (INCIDENTAL):

  • Outbuilding (total area 128m2) containing a garage for classic cars (with associated workshop, store, and equipment area) (128m2).
  • Note: This would be in addition to an existing outbuilding containing a garage for everyday cars (68m2).

January 2018 - Code b00258 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 129m2) containing snooker room (48m2), media room (46m2), home study (19m2), and library (16m2).

December 2017 - Code b00257 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 153m2) containing gym area + games area + relaxation area (94m2), changing room (9m2), steam room (7m2), sauna (5m2), kitchenette (8m2), storage area (for garden furniture) (7m2), storage area (for swimming pool) (5m2), shower room (5m2), and WC (3m2).
  • Note: The proposed swimming pool would be open-air, rather than enclosed by a building.

December 2017 - Code b00256 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding containing games room, gym, changing room / shower room (with WC), kitchenette, and store room.

December 2017 - Code b00255 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 226m2) containing office + "office canteen" (56m2), "general recreation" room (47m2), gym + store room + shower room (with WC) (40m2), pool room (28m2), store room (8m2), and cloakroom (6m2).

November 2017 - Code b00254 (NOT incidental):

  • Outbuilding (total area 57m2) containing gym 1 (18m2), gym 2 (19m2), changing room (3m2), and bathroom (3m2).