The government publishes a consultation (until 10/05/2018) relating to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) …

[UPDATE: For the subsequent government response to this consultation, please view this post.]

The government has published the following consultation, which runs for 9 1/2 weeks from 05/03/2018 until 10/05/2018:

  • March 2018: Supporting housing delivery through developer contributions (pdf) (link).


  • The "Summary" at the start of the above consultation document includes the following information:
    - "In November 2015, the Government commissioned an independent review into the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), and its relationship with planning obligations. The Review was published in February 2017. It found that the system of developer contributions was not as fast, simple, certain or transparent as originally intended.".
    - "The Government announced a package of reforms at Autumn Budget 2017 in response to the CIL Review. These reforms complement the proposed changes to viability in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and make the system of developer contributions more transparent and accountable by:
    >>> Reducing complexity and increasing certainty for local authorities, developers and communities;
    >>> Supporting swifter development;
    >>> Improving market responsiveness of CIL;
    >>> Increasing transparency over where developer contributions are spent; and
    >>> Introducing a new tariff to support the development of strategic infrastructure."
    - "A number of technical amendments will also be made to support the operation of the current system.".
    - "This consultation sets out the proposals for these reforms. These changes will provide continuity and certainty for developers in the short term.".