The government publishes a consultation (until 07/12/2018) relating to the standard method for assessing local housing need …

[UPDATE: For the subsequent government response to this consultation, please view this post.]

The government has published the following consultation, which runs for 6 weeks from 26/10/2018 until 07/12/2018:

  • October 2018: Technical consultation on updates to national planning policy and guidance (pdf) (link).


  • The "Introduction" at the start of the above consultation document includes the following information:
    - "This consultation is seeking views on changes to planning practice guidance on the standard method for assessing local housing need.".
    - "The recent household projections release, published by the Office of National Statistic (ONS), has led some areas to reconsider the number of homes they were planning for. However, as the ONS has confirmed, lower household projections do not mean fewer homes need to be built. If more homes are planned for and delivered, more people will be able to own or rent their own home. This consultation therefore proposes changes to the standard method to ensure consistency with the objective of building more homes, whilst providing the stability communities need.".
    - "This consultation also proposes minor clarifications to national planning policy on housing land supply, the definition of deliverable sites and appropriate assessment for habitats sites.".