The government publishes its response to the consultation relating to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) …

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The government has published the following response to the consultation titled "Supporting housing delivery through developer contributions" (which ran for 9 1/2 weeks from 05/03/2018 until 10/05/2018):

  • October 2018: Government response to supporting housing delivery through developer contributions (pdf) (link).


  • The "Foreword" at the start of the above response document includes the following information:
    - "The Government has already introduced changes by reforming the approach to viability, which is set out in the revised National Planning Policy Framework and in associated national planning guidance. This new approach ensures that local plans clearly set out the contributions that developers are expected to make towards infrastructure and affordable housing; introduces a standard approach to establishing land value; and increases transparency and accountability through the publication of viability assessments and through improvements to the monitoring and reporting of section 106 planning obligations.".
    - "The Government plans to build on those improvements by introducing legislative reforms to developer contributions, in addition to those delivered through the National Planning Policy Framework. This response sets out how the Government plans to take forward changes to developer contributions that were consulted on in March 2018 alongside the draft Framework. They will go further in helping to address issues with the current system. For example, streamlining the consultation process will enable authorities to implement the Community Infrastructure Levy more quickly. Changes to the pooling restriction will give local planning authorities greater flexibility in securing the contributions needed to help speed up the delivery of infrastructure and support housing delivery.".
    - "The reforms will also provide clarity and certainty to developers around the contributions they are expected to make, particularly in light of any changes to their application once planning permission has been secured. Other reforms will support the changes already made to the National Planning Policy Framework so that local communities can see the value of the developer contributions secured and what this has helped deliver through the Infrastructure Funding Statement. Local planning authorities will also be given greater flexibility to deliver infrastructure across more than one area.".
    - "Legislation will be required in order to implement the changes set out in the consultation document. Therefore, the Government will be consulting on the draft regulations later this year.".

Other sources of information:

  • March 2018: Supporting housing delivery through developer contributions (pdf) (link).
    - Note: For more information about the above document, please view this post.