The government publishes an independent report in response to the consultation relating to planning appeal inquiries …

The government has published the following independent report in response to the consultation ("call for evidence") titled "Independent Review of Planning Appeal Inquiries - Call for Evidence" (which ran for 8 weeks from 24/07/2018 until 18/09/2018):

  • December 2018: Independent Review of Planning Appeal Inquiries - Report (pdf) (link).


  • "The structure of this report" section within the above report includes the following information:
    - "This report is divided into 8 further sections. Section 2 provides an overview of the inquiry appeal process. Section 3 addresses the issue of whether the right appeals are subject to an inquiry. Sections 4 to 6 consider each key stage of the process from submission to decision. Section 7 is focussed on inspector availability. Section 8 picks up further issues and suggestions for improvement and the final section, Section 9, deals with implementation and monitoring future performance.".
    - "A separate Executive Summary of this report is available. This includes a list of all the recommendations set out in this report. In addition, we have prepared further Annexes, which include more detail on our stakeholder engagement, further summary information on the Call for Evidence responses and the deep dive analysis of inquiry appeals in 2017-18 that were decided or withdrawn.".
  • Note: The webpage (link) for the above report also includes the following documents:
    - "Independent review of planning appeal inquiries - executive summary".
    - "Independent review of planning appeal inquiries - annexes A-H".
  • Note: Although the above report is dated "December 2018", it was published on the above webpage in February 2019.

Other sources of information:

  • July 2018: Independent Review of Planning Appeal Inquiries - Call for Evidence  (pdf) (link).
    - Note: For more information about the above document, please view this post.