“GPDO Part 1 (All Classes) – LDC Appeal Decisions” – 2 additional appeal decisions (total = 1,173) …

The "GPDO Part 1 (All Classes) - LDC Appeal Decisions" document has been updated to include 2 additional appeal decisions relating to householder permitted development legislation, for which the conclusions are as follows:

August 2019 - Code a01067 (appeal allowed):

  • This appeal decision provides an example of where it was concluded that particular works should be assessed against Class C (i.e. rather than Classes A or B).
    [Note: The works include the installation of railings around an existing flat roof].
  • Where a property has an existing (non-original) extension, then an alteration (under Class C) to the roof of this extension is not subject to the 15cm projection limit of C.1(b) with respect to this roof.
    [Conclusion: The installation of railings (with height 1.1m) around the flat roof of an existing (non-original) single storey rear extension is not subject to the 15cm projection limit of C.1(b)].
    [Quote: “I consider that the term “original roof” has to be interpreted on the straightforward basis of what “original” means as defined in the GPDO; it refers to the original roof on the original dwelling. In this case, the original roof of the [four-storey] dwelling is much higher than the height of the proposed railings. Thus, they would not protrude more than 0.15m beyond the plane of the slope of the original roof, and therefore the proposal would be permitted by Class C.”].

August 2019 - Code a01066 (appeal dismissed):

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