The government publishes the National Infrastructure Strategy (NIS) (November 2020) …

The government has published the National Infrastructure Strategy (NIS) on 25/11/2020:

  • November 2020: National Infrastructure Strategy (63MB pdf landscape print version) (5MB pdf landscape accessible version) (12MB pdf portrait version) (link).


  • The webpage (link) for the above National Infrastructure Strategy (NIS) includes the following information:
    - "The National Infrastructure Strategy sets out the government’s plans to transform the UK’s infrastructure networks. It is based around three central objectives: economic recovery; levelling up and strengthening the Union; and meeting the UK’s net zero emissions target by 2050. This will be enabled by clear support for private investment and through a comprehensive set of reforms to the way infrastructure is delivered.".
  • Note: The above webpage also includes the following documents:
    - "Response to the National Infrastructure Assessment".
    - "Infrastructure Investment Map: Further Project Details".
    - "Response to the Regulation Study: Strategic Investment and Public Confidence".
    - "NIC Greenhouse Gas Removal Technologies Study: Terms of Reference".