The government publishes a consultation (until 17/12/2021) relating to the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Planning (NSIP) process …

[UPDATE: For the subsequent government response to this consultation, please view this post (note: the response is shown within paragraph 1.5 of action plan).]

The government has published the following consultation ("survey"), which runs for (approx) 18 weeks from 12/08/2021 until 17/12/2021:

  • August 2021: National Infrastructure Planning Reform Programme - stakeholder survey (pdf print version of HTML webpage) (link).


  • The "Topic of this consultation" section at the start of the above consultation document includes the following information:
    - "This consultation seeks views on the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Planning (NSIP) process. It covers the following areas:
    >>> what government, its arms-length bodies and other statutory bodies could do to accelerate NSIP applications
    >>> aspects of the examination and decision process which might be enhanced
    >>> impediments to physically implementing NSIP projects
    >>> digital improvements to the regime
    >>> cross-government co-ordination including government departments and arms-length bodies
    >>> interacts with other consenting and regulatory processes and the wider context within which infrastructure projects operate
    >>> potential limits in the capacity or capability of NSIP applicants, interested parties and other participants".