“GPDO Part 1 (All Classes) – LDC Appeal Decisions” – 1 additional appeal decision (total = 1,552) …

The "GPDO Part 1 (All Classes) - LDC Appeal Decisions" document has been updated to include 1 additional appeal decision relating to householder permitted development legislation, for which the conclusions are as follows:

July 2022 - Code a01446 (split decision):

  • This appeal decision provides an example of the types of factors that should be taken into consideration when determining which elevation is “the principal elevation”.
  • This appeal decision provides an example of where it was concluded that a particular structure has “more than a single storey” / “more than one storey” (i.e. rather than “a single storey”).
    [Note: Each of the 2 x extensions contains rooms at upper ground floor level, below which there is an area at lower ground floor level marked as “void area” (for which “[the applicant] states that the height in the undercroft would be limited to 1.8m and this would be reduced towards the front of the dwelling”). The outbuilding contains a room at an upper level, below which there is an area at a lower level that “[the applicant] describes again as an undercroft” (for which the Inspector states that “even allowing that some of the undercroft might have limited headroom by reason of the slope of the land, there would be a space of considerable height here”)].
  • In an application for an LDC, the burden of proof is firmly on the applicant.


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  • Any of the above conclusions marked with a "(*)" contradict other appeal decisions. The "Reference Section" within the above document indicates how many appeals have supported and contradicted each particular conclusion.