“GPDO Part 1 Class E (Incidental Requirement) – LDC Appeal Decisions” – 6 additional appeal decisions (total = 506) …

The "GPDO Part 1 Class E (Incidental Requirement) - LDC Appeal Decisions" document has been updated to include 6 additional appeal decisions relating to the "incidental" requirement of Part 1 Class E, for which the conclusions (short version) are as follows:

December 2022 - Code b00506:

  • Outbuilding (total area 73m2) containing garage (68m2).
  • Note: This would be in addition to an existing outbuilding containing a workshop for classic cars.
  • Conclusion: INCIDENTAL

November 2022 - Code b00505:

  • Outbuilding (total area 83m2) containing skateboarding room (46m2), music studio (16m2), and store room (4m2).
  • Conclusion: NOT incidental

November 2022 - Code b00504:

  • Outbuilding (total area 15m2) to provide a "dog grooming service" (with a "maximum of 3 dogs per day").
  • Conclusion: NOT incidental

October 2022 - Code b00503:

  • Outbuilding (total area 163m2) containing garages + workshop (82m2), gym (21m2), cinema (17m2), changing room (11m2), and shower room (with WC) (6m2).
  • Note: The proposed swimming pool would be open-air, rather than enclosed by a building.
  • Conclusion: NOT incidental

September 2022 - Code b00502:

  • Outbuilding (total area 280m2) containing garage, storage, and gym.
  • Conclusion: INCIDENTAL

September 2022 - Code b00501:

  • Outbuilding (total area 181m2) containing swimming pool + bar area (121m2), gym (21m2), and changing / shower room (with WC) (12m2).
  • Conclusion: INCIDENTAL