Below are testimonials from current members of the Planning Jungle website:

Testimonials from Local Authorities:

“A very cost-effective, useful and practical resource tool which tends to be my first port of call.”
- Steven Sparshott, Solicitor, Aylesbury Vale District Council

"The Site has been a complete revelation to my colleagues who have found Planning Jungle to be an invaluable resource and far more useful than we had expected."
- Iain Blackley, Head of Development Management, Bedford Borough Council

"The wealth of information that is provided in one place by the Planning Jungle website is an invaluable resource to the planning & enforcement officers, particularly with regulations and guidance constantly changing."
- Gavin Prescott, Development Manager, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

"The initial reason we signed up with Planning Jungle was to make use of the householder prior notification templates in Spring 2013 but it has proved to be far more useful than just that. This is a fabulous and cost effective resource that consistently provides reliable information around legislation and cases. I am particularly pleased with the consolidated versions of legislation and the updates that highlight appeal decisions."
- Graeme Mitchell, Development Manager, Bolton Council

"The main reason we hooked up with Planning Jungle was to make use of the householder prior notification templates in May 2013 but it has proved to be far more useful than just that. It’s a fantastic resource that cuts through the confused mists of legislation with a knife. I echo others’ applause for the consolidated versions of legislation and the frequent emailed updates that discuss appeal decisions and how they affect interpretation of the law. It’s good work, and a time-saver."
- Ed Murphy Development Control Manager, Broxtowe Borough Council

"An invaluable resource when planning legislation is changing so rapidly, our consolidated GPDO is fondly referred to as the 'Jungle Book' in the department and is incredibly useful in bringing together, in one document, a myriad of permitted development changes."
- Toby Williams, Principal Planner, Cambridge City Council

"This website is a godsend for finding your way through the jungle of regulations and legislation that comprises the current planning system and is worth every penny. Although primarily used by planning officers in our development management team, officers across the whole of the planning service have found the website very useful, including colleagues in my own team."
- Simon Algar, Senior Conservation Officer, Canterbury City Council

"This is a must tool for all Development Management Officers and Planning Agents. Legislation is rapidly changing and getting more complex, keeping up to date is near impossible without access to the guidance this site provides and the consolidated legislation documentation. The commentary provided on legislative changes and appeal/high court decisions helps to interpret and understand the legislation. It saves valuable time and resources and is very cost effective."
- Mick Morley, Team Leader Local Development, Charnwood Borough Council

"You could spend hours upon hours trying to keep up with the plethora of changes to planning legislation and stream of (often contradictory) appeal decisions, or you could just let this superb website do it for you."
- Nick Smith, Principal Planning Officer, Cheshire West and Chester Council

"The consolidated legislation updates are invaluable, as are the updates and interpretation of Permitted Development appeal cases, so Planners here regularly refer to the Planning Jungle website for information."
- Andrew Tyrrell, Planning Manager, Colchester Borough Council

Excellent way of keeping up to date with the ever changing world of planning - consolidated legislation is worth every penny.”
- Keith Thursfield, Development Control Manager, Daventry District Council

"This is a must have tool for any council nowadays. We have now been able to keep up-to-date with any legislative changes and it is well worth the money."
- Abi Robinson, Support Supervisor, Dover District Council

"In a constantly changing legislative world and often where time and resources are stretched the services and functionality of Planning Jungle have proved invaluable."
- Leigh Palmer, Head of Planning, Eastbourne Borough Council

“On permitted development matters alone, Planning Jungle has settled debates not only with planning agents, but also among our own planning officers.”
- Nigel Richardson, Assistant Director (Development), Epping Forest District Council

"The council has only used the Planning Jungle for a few months, but in that time it has proven to be an invaluable go-to reference point for legislation and guidance relating to both the everyday DM issues and the obscure query. The weekly legislation update and guidance notes are of particular value in keeping the council’s planning officers up to speed with changes."
- Andrew Stell, Principal Development Officer, Fylde Borough Council

"Given the whirlwind of changes made recently the consolidated version of the GPDO in itself, that is not provided by Government, provides an essential resource for local authority planners."
- Andrew Smith, Senior Planner, Hertsmere Borough Council

"An invaluable resource for the fast-changing world of Development Management."
- Mark Cassidy, Planning Manager, Lancaster City Council

“Planning Jungle’s consolidated legislation is accurate and helps maintain my sanity whilst the range of householder appeals cited is extremely comprehensive. All in all a very useful and cost effective service which I would highly commend.”
- Dave Mansfield, Development Management Manager, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

"An extremely useful tool in the complex world of legislation and myriad of appeal decisions. The provision of consolidated versions of legislation is of great assistance."
- Susan Clark, Head of Development Control, London Borough of Bexley

"The Planning Jungle website and email updates have become an essential information tool which helps us to keep up with decisions and legislative changes, not to mention the invaluable consolidated versions of key legislation."
- Tim Horsman, Assistant Development Control Manager, London Borough of Bromley

"The website provides a useful point of reference in the ever changing planning world. It presents and interprets useful case law and legislative changes which we actively use as a responsible LPA."
- Scott Hackner, Project Manager, London Borough of Hackney

“An invaluable resource for PD matters and more.”
- Paul Wilford, Principal Planning Enforcement Officer, London Borough of Lambeth

Great resource for any planning professional.”
- Neil Milligan, Building and Development Control Manager, London Borough of Merton

“Our enforcement team and those dealing with LDC application find it invaluable.”
- Colin Smith, Planning Support Manager, London Borough of Sutton

"An invaluable online resource for consolidated legislation, appeal decisions and legislative updates."
- Matt Williams, Planning Team Manager, Mendip District Council

"We were advised to subscribe by colleagues whose Authorities were already users of the services provided. We did so just prior to the last set of Prior Notifications being rolled out and we are glad we did given the major benefits that resulted in dealing with these and all the subsequent changes made and proposed to be made. We will of course be continuing to subscribe."
- David Groom, Development Control Manager, New Forest District Council

"We initially signed up to Planning Jungle at the time of the Prior Notification for householder larger home extensions, which proved to be invaluable to both the knowledge and the use of templates for letters. At a time of authorities saving money, this was definitely the best investment we have made. Planning Jungle is excellent value for money and provides up-to-date information as it is published, which is imperative to providing excellent customer service."
- Debbie Taylor, Technical Teamleader, Oxford City Council

“My colleagues and I find it to be an accurate and time saving resource. The consolidated versions of regulations are invaluable tools at a time when there are so many changes taking place.”
- Theresa Nicholl, Planning Delivery Manager, Peterborough City Council

"We have increasingly used the Planning Jungle website since its initial creation and find it very helpful for day to day work - both simple and complex issues. The format and easy to follow commentary is appropriate to the subject and overall it is excellent value for money at a time of constrained resources."
- Kelvin Hinton, Development Quality Manager, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

"In the ever-changing Planning world, this is an invaluable tool for making sure that our information is as up-to date as possible – it’s hard to imagine how we managed to get by without it."
- Peter Featherstone, Planning and Development Manager, Richmondshire District Council

“This excellent resource effectively clarifies those uncertainties surrounding householder permitted development.”
- Dean Leadon, Senior Planner, Sandwell Council

"Planning Jungle is an essential 'toolkit' to keep up with the constantly changing planning system."
- Wesley McCarthy, Development Management Lead Officer, Slough Borough Council

"I've found the Planning Jungle website invaluable particularly flagging up all the new key changes to permitted development rights which appear to be continually happening."
- Barry Jackson, Development Services Manager, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

"A great resource for hard pressed planning staff who need quick accurate information on ever changing planning legislation."
- Andy Cush, Team Leader - Development Management. Tameside MBC

"The Planning Jungle website has offered our council access to up to date planning legislation and guidance in a format that is easy to understand. We use the information provided on a regular basis without having to resort to other more costly sources."
- John Gunn, Development Control Manager, Tamworth Borough Council

"The consolidated legislation is worth the subscription alone but with access to regular updates, permitted development resources, templates and processes it is very cost effective."
- Piers Mason, Chief Planning Officer, Tandridge District Council

"An extremely useful source of information that can save hours of research."
- Geof Muggeridge, Director of Community & Environmental Services, Three Rivers District Council

"The Planning Jungle has its finger on the pulse in the rapidly changing world of planning. It is quick to respond to changes and in this regard is an invaluable tool for the planning profession. It also presents a sounding board for the unusual/obscure via its forum which usually attracts a speedy response. The consolidated versions of legislation and updates re appeal outcomes are easily accessible and save precious time. In short, Planning Jungle is a very useful & cost effective service which I applaud."
- Daniel Hartley, Development Manager, Warrington Borough Council

"For us at Watford, the Planning Jungle is an essential tool both for keeping up-to-date with the constant changes in planning legislation and as a reference point for guidance based on decided appeal cases."
- David Noble, Development Management Section Head, Watford Borough Council

"This is an invaluable resource for everyone in planning - from Support Staff up to Senior Managers in knowing that any new and amended legislation will be completely up-to-date. It is a source of information that can be confidently relied upon. Many appeal decisions are reported which can provide information and guidance on key and current issues in planning and enforcement - especially useful with all the permitted development amendments."
- Lisa Hughes, Development Management Service Manager, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

"An excellent website that saves time by having up to date legislation all in one place and the provision of regular updates."
- Zoe Raygen, Acting Area Team Manager, West Lindsey District Council

"A reliable source of information that saves time in a climate of constant change"
- John Walker, Operational Director, Westminster City Council

"Planning Jungle is proving to be an invaluable and very cost effective resource. The information it provides is easily accessible, accurate and comprehensive. In a climate of constant and significant change in planning policy and practice Planning Jungle is proving to be a really effective way to remain ‘up to speed’."
- Brian Taylor, Area Development Manager (North), Wiltshire Council

“We use the site on a daily basis and it provides clear, comprehensive and cost effective guidance. A must for any busy Planning Service.”
- Ian Jordan, Service Manager, Wokingham Borough Council

“Providing staff with access to the Planning Jungle means that they have instant access to the latest information and ensures they are getting what can be very difficult decisions right first time, every time. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
- Alastair Nicholson, Development Manager, Wycombe District Council

"Planning legislation is changing at a rapid pace, yet Planning Jungle manages to keep up. Planning Jungle is our first port of call for legislative interpretation, permitted development disputes and appeals. It is easy to use, saves us time and provides clarity. I would happily recommend Planning Jungle to anyone."
- John Baggott, Development Manager, Wyre Forest District Council

"The Planning Jungle website and email service has undoubtedly saved my authority time, uncertainty and legal costs - it has become a reliable and cost effective guide for National Park planners."
- Richard Graham, Head of Development Management, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Testimonials from Planning Consultants:

"We have been using the Planning Jungle website for over a year, and we find the information available extremely extensive, useful and up to date. The very low subscription fee is money well spent!"
- Daren Thomas, A-Tec Design

“We find this site a very important resource that is improving all the time.”
- Philip Nicholas, Principal, Building Design Consultants

“A unique and essential guide."
- Mark Carter, Consultant, Carter Planning Ltd

"A wealth of essential material and analysis all in one place."
- David Keyte, Director, DK Planning & Development Limited

"An invaluable resource in the ever changing sea of planning."
- David Lane, Principal, DLA Town Planning Ltd

"The Planning Jungle offers one of the only consolidated sources of UK legislation to rival the Encyclopaedia of Planning Law and Practice. Invaluable following recent government measures seeking to create a simplified planning system!"
- Steve Edgeller, Planning Director, Edgeplan

“The Planning Jungle offers us an innovative up-to-date way to stay in touch with the latest planning issues.”
- Helen Binnie, Director, Get Planning Limited

“When I have to delve into the labyrinth of permitted development rights the Planning Jungle is essential initial reading. The regular updates by email have improved an already excellent and cost effective service.”
- John Wren, Director, JMW Planning Limited

“Thoroughly well researched, informed and presented. An invaluable, up-to-date resource.”
- John Elvidge, Principal, John Elvidge Planning Consultancy

"The Planning Jungle provides practitioners, whether in the private or public sector, with an invaluable source of information regarding the ever changing and ever more complex world of PD regulations. The consolidated version of the GPDO is extremely helpful as are the insightful commentaries of legislative changes and appeal decisions."
- Adrian Gould, Director, JPPC

“With Planners in all sectors seemingly in a state of confusion, the Planning Jungle website is one of my firm's essential research resources.”
- Dr Bob Newell, Newell Projects Ltd

"An excellent resource of appeal decisions, news and consolidated legislation relating to the ever-changing General Permitted Development Order."
- Nick Kirby, Senior Planner, Pegasus Group

"A fantastic, well updated and easy to use resource which forms an essential part of our daily workflow."
- Adam Rabone, Plainview Planning

"An invaluable and reassuring research resource."
- Jo Tasker, Associate Planner, Robinson Escott Planning

"A cost effective and valuable resource of up to date legislation and guidance for planning professionals."
- Caroline Legg, Planning Consultant, Smart Planning

"Just about all you need to know on householder permitted development - should be compulsory reading for planning officers."
- Ian Ellis, Director, Southern Planning Practice Ltd

"An invaluable resource for any planning professional offering comprehensive considered advice. Over the last couple of years has helped us to avoid several unnecessary appeals."
- Steve Haskey, Director, Steve Haskey Design & Construction Ltd