Tree Preservation Regulations 2012

This page provides a list of which amendment Statutory Instruments (SIs) apply to "The Town and Country Planning (Tree Preservation) (England) Regulations 2012" (i.e. the "Tree Preservation Regulations 2012").

Statistics for this page:

  • Last checked for updates: November 2017 (checked for updates on a monthly basis)
  • Number of Statutory Instruments listed: 1

Original Statutory Instrument:

  • April 2012: SI 2012 No. 605 - The Town and Country Planning (Tree Preservation) (England) Regulations 2012 (pdf) (link).
  • May 2012: SI 2012 No. 605 - Correction (pdf) (link).

Amendment Statutory Instruments:

  • (None so far)

Other Statutory Instruments:

The following SIs do not directly amend the legislation, but instead cause the legislation to be modified in certain situations (e.g. with respect to certain organisations):

  • [Note: To view this list of 1 SI, please log onto the website as a member].

Notes for this page:

  • On 06/04/2012 the above "Tree Preservation Regulations 2012" replaced the previous "Tree Regulations 1999" (i.e. "The Town and Country Planning (Trees) Regulations 1999").
  • For reference, the previous legislation was introduced by SI 1999 No. 1892 (link), and amended by SI 2008 No. 2260 (link) and SI 2008 No. 3202 (link).

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